Our projects

2007 - 2008 Preliminary information processing system of vehicles and goods at the Lithuanian-Belarusian customs border

2007 - 2008 e-Document exchange system for National Bank of Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Finance and the Interbank Currency Exchange

2009 - 2018 Self-service payment infokiosks network for receiving payments from the population of Republic of Belarus

1997-2003 Kazakhstan Interbank Settlement Center at National Bank of Kazakhstan

1997 - 2006 CJSC "State Accumulative Pension Fund of Kazakhstan"

1997 - 2001 State Payment Pensions and Benefits Center at the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population of Kazakhstan

1998 - 2001 Large taxpayers e-register at Ministry of State Revenues of Kazakhstan

2004 TACIS project at the Kazakh-Kyrgyz customs border

2002 Customs Control Agency of Kazakhstan

2003 - 2006 e-Document management system at Financial Police Agency of Kazakhstan

2012 - 2015 e-Reports delivery system at Financial Control Committee of Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan

2014 - 2015 mPOS transaction processing system

2014 - 2015 Factoring operations system

2018 - 2019 e-Attorney system for Kazakhstan National Attorney Association
Software development, implementation and support. The project integrates all law bureaus and their clients national-wide in common e-environment.

2019 - n/d Debts Trading & Management Platform of Kazakhstan state largest enterprises

Debts trading and Management platform

2003 - 2005 Automated Information System for Customs Control of the Union State of Russia and Belarus

2008 - 2009 Federal Service for Repayment of Bank Loans in Retail Trade Networks, Russia

1999 - 2002 Distributed database administration system for Sybase Inc.

2005 - 2006 The transaction management system for the stock exchange of FIX Flyers LLC


2013 - present Self-service payments network for receiving payments from the population in Ukraine

2016 - present On-line platform for technology exchange Sino-Europe Innovation Center

2017-present - "Financial Harbor" project(China)

2019 - n/d China-Russian innovation centre (Nanjing)   Russia-NJ Innovation Center

2019 - n/d ATTIS "One belt One road"   ATTIS Belt & Road

2016- present - Special Economic Zone Rezekne (Latvia) - IT infrastructure development for international logistics system implementation based on T-Office.

SEZ Rezekne project overview: sabre_FORUM_2017_ENG